ROOM 18 

The arts are all around us. Research has shown that children who participate in the arts score higher on standardized tests.  Visit museums and encourage your childrent to see, participate, and enjoy the arts.

Our Art room is a green classroom.  We "upcycle" a variety of materials and welcome your contributions. We always need

  • styrofoam egg cartons
  •  coffee trays
  • newspapers
  • anything else you can think of (except glass)

First and Sixth grades have Art once or twice a week for the year. Fourth and Fifth graders have art three times a week  for two marking periods. You can refer to your child's schedule for the day they have art. Second grade has art three times a week for a 10 week rotation. Seventh grade has Art twice a week also on a 10 week rotation. Eighth grade has this subject five days a week for a marking period.

Displays of student art work is always on display throughout the school.