Welcome to second grade! I look forward to meeting you soon. Along with the supplies listed below, please bring in a small picture of yourself that you would like to hang up in the classroom and share during our first morning meeting. Lunch is not served on the first day, so please bring a peanut free snack. Dismissal is at 12:50 in the All Purpose Room. I need a note to dismiss you out any other exit or with siblings.


1. 1 three ring binder   10. Headphone or earbuds in a

2. 5 two pocket folders   reasealable bag or case

3. 4 Expo dry erase markers 11. 2 70-100 page notebooks

4. 1 packet of pencils 12. 1 soft pencil case

5. 1 centimeter/inch ruler   13. 1 handheld pencil sharpener

6. 1 24 pack of crayons  14. 1 highlighter

7. 1 pair of scissors

8. 2 large glue sticks

9. 2 marking pens/pencils

Please contact me with any questions or concerns at (732) 528-6400, ext. 189. I can also be reached through e-mail lkern@brielleschool.org


Remember, there are many "teachable moments" in daily life. Children in grades K-2 should practice addition and subtraction facts at home. By the end of second grade, they should have a strong understanding of the concepts. There are many games online, as well a worksheets.


Please be conscious of food allergies when sending in a snack or treat.




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Welcome Back to School!