Morning Band Schedule

(rehearsals begin promptly at 8:00)

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday 

Advanced Band

4th & 5th Grade BandsAdvanced Band 

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Lesson Schedule

April 24th-28th

 Monday Tuesday 2Wednesday Thursday Friday 
Period 1  PrepPrep Prep Prep Prep 
Period 2Group 3Group 6Group 9Group 14Group 2
Period 3

8-1 Music

 8-3 Music

Group 10Prep

8-2 Music 

Period 4 


Music Enrichment

Group 7


Music Enrichment 

Group 15


Music Enrichment

Period 5 

 Lunch Duty

PrepPrep  Group 16 Lessons
Period 6 Lunch3-2 Music Lunch3-1 Music 3-3 Music 
Period 7 Prep Lunch Group 11Lunch Lunch
Period 8 Group 4Group 8Group 12Group 1Prep 
Period 9 Group 5 

Group 13