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*smock or oversized t-shirt for Art and classroom projects in a zip-loc bag with name written on it
*two folders with pockets on each side
*two marble composition notebooks
*one zippered pouch or small plastic box for desk supplies
*extra pencils and erasers
*one dry-erase whiteboard marker
*one 8 pack box of crayons for math box
*one red pen
*optional-colored pencils or markers(no Sharpies)      

*Please send in an appropriate a.m. snack each day.  ***Note:  The first day of school is a half day and the children might want a snack for the am and a light snack for the late morning.

On 1/2 days we will eat a lght snack and light lunch in the classroom.  

*Please label all your child's important items.

Homework:  Will be assigned Monday-Thursday

Each night there will be a practice Math page and a reading sheet to complete.  There will  be the intitials HW marked on the top of the page that will be assigned for homeowork. Spelling homework directions will follow.  As new sight words are introduced, place them in an area in the house where your child will have access to for practice.  We would like to encourage practicing sight words every night.  Please make it your child's repsonsibility to return all work to the Take-Home folder so he/she will be prepared for the following day.





  Please note we will have homework M-TH. Your child will be asked to complete the Practice page.  It will be marked HW with a circle around it.


Topic One:  Understanding Addition- Starting September 12

1-1 Addition: Spatial Patterns for Numbers to 10

1-2 Addition: Making 6 and 7

1-3 Addition: Making 8

1-4 Addition:  Making 9

1-5 Addition:  Introducing Addition Expressions and Number Sentences

1-6 Addition:  Stories about Joining

1-7 Addition:Adding in Any Order

1-8 Problem Solving Use Objects

Topic Two: Understanding Subtraction-Starting Week of September 26th

2-1- Finding Missing Parts of 6 & 7

2-2- Finding Missing Parts of 8

2-3- Finding Missing Parts of 9

2-4- Introducing Sibtraction Expressions and Number Sentences

2-5- Stories about Taking Away

2-6- Stories about Comparing

2-7- Stories about Missing Parts

2-8- All Kinds of Subtraction Stories

2-9- Connecting Addiiton and Subtraction

2-10 Connecting Models and Symbols

Topic 3 Five and Ten Relationships-

3-1 Number: Representing Numbers on a Ten-Frame

3-2 Number:  Recognizing Numbers on a Ten-Frame

3-3  Number: Parts of 10

3-4  Number: Finding Missing Parts of 10

3-5Problem Solving:  Make a Table

Topic 4: Addition and Subtraction Facts to 12-Beginning October 26th

4-1: Adding with 0,1,2

4-2: Doubles

4-3: Near Doubles

4-4:  Facts with 5 on a Ten-Frame

4-5: Making 10 on a Ten-Frame

4-6: Subtracting with 0, 1, 2

4-7: Thinking Addition

4-8: Thinking Addition to 8 to Subtract

4-9:  Thinking Addition to 12 to Subtract

4-10:  Draw a Picture and Write a Number Sentence

Topic 5:  Addition Facts to 20

5-1:  Addition:  Doubles

5-2:  Addition: Doubles plus 1

5-3 Addition: Doubles plus 2

5-4 Problem Solving Two-Question Problems

5-5 Addition: Making 10 to Add

5-6 Addition:  Making 10 to Add 9

5-7:  Addition:  Making 10 to Add 8

5-8:  Addition:  Adding Three Numbers

5-9:  Addition:  Word Problems with Three Addends

Topic 6: 

6-1:  Subtraction:  Making 10 to Subtract

6-2:  Subtraction:  More with Making 10 to Subtract

6-3:  Subtraction:  Using Related Facts

6-4:  Subtraction: Fact Families

6-5:  Subtraction:  Using Addition to Subtract

6-6:  Subtraction:  Subtraction Facts

6-7:  Problem Solving Draw a Picture and Write a Number Sentence

Topic 7:

7-1:  Number:  Making Numbers 11-19

7-2:  Number:  Using Numbers 11-19

7-3:  Number:  Counting by 10's to 120

7-4:  Number:  Counting on a Hundre Chart

7-5 Number:  Using Skip Counting

7-6 Problem Solving Look for a Pattern

Topic 8:  Working with Groups of Ten

8-1 Counting wit Groups of 10 and Leftovers

8-2 Numbers Made with Tens

8-3 Tens and Ones

8-4 Expanded Form

8-5 Ways to Make Numbers

8-6 Make and Organized List

Topic 9:  Comparing and Ordering Numbers to 100

9-1 More , 1 Less, 10 More, 10 Less

9-2 Making Numbers on a Hunded Chart

9-3 Comparing Numbers with <,>, =

9-4 Ordering Three Numbers

9-5 Make an Organized List

Topic 10:  Adding with Tens and Ones-

10-1 Addition:  Adding Groups of 10

10-2 Addition:  Adding Tens on a Hundred Chart

10-3 Addition:  Adding Tens to Two-Digit Numbers

10-4 Addition:  Using Mental math to Add Tens

10-5 Addition:  Adding to a Two-Digit Number

10-6 Draw a Picture and Write a Number Sentence

Topic 11  Subtracting with Tens and Ones

11-1 Subtracting Groups of 10

11-2 Subtracting Tens on a Hundred Chart

11-3 Subtracting Tens from Two-Digit Numbers

11-4 Using Mental Math to Subtract Tens

11-5 Subtracting from a Two-Digit Number

11-6 Draw a Picture and Wirtie a Number Sentence

Topic 12 Length

12-1 Comparing and Ordering by Length

12-2 Indirect Measurement

12-3 Using Units to Estimate and Measure Length

12-4 More Measuring Length

12-5 Using Reasoning

12-6 Measuring Using Different Units

Topic 13- Time

13-1 Understanding the Hour and Minute Hands

13-2 Telling and Writing Time to the Hour

13-3 Telling and Writing Time to the Half Hour

Topic 14-Using Data to Answer Questions

14-1 Using Data from Real Graphs

14-2 Using Data from Picture Graphs

14-3 Using Data from Bar Graphs

 14-4 Collecting Data Using Tally Marks

14-5 Making Real Graphs

14-6 Making Picture Graphs

14-7 Make a Graph

Topic 15- Geometry

15-1 Identifying Plane Shapes

15-2 Make an Organized List

15-3 Properties of Plane Shapes

15-4 Building with Shapes

15-5 Making New Shapes from Shapes

15-6 Identifying Solid Figures

15-7 Flat Surfaces and Vertices

15-8 Sorting Solid Shapes

15-9 Building with Solid Shapes

15-10 Use Reasoning

Here's the Scoop

Wed. March 8-  Drama Club Painting Night @ 6:30pm

Thurs., March 9-  Jump Rope for Heart- Period 3, 1st Grade

Sunday, March 12-Daylight Savings Time Begins

March 10- Blazer Boys Luau

March 15-BOE Meeting @7:00pm

March 23- 7:00pm -Into the Woods

March 29- PARCC ELA for Grades 3-5

April 7 -Report Cards available on Parent Portal

APril 7- Cinderella Ball

APril 10-Earth Week begins

April 10-12  PARCC ELA for Grades 6-8

April 12- Student vs. Faculty Game

April 14-21-Spring Recess

April 24- School re-opens

April 26-BOE Meeting

MAY 5- First Grade Field Trip to Insectropolis Bug Museum


Grades K-1  2:00-3:00

Grades 2-3 9:00-10:00

May 25 Spring Performance of Spring Concert Grades PK-5 at 9:30 APR

May 25 Spring Concert and Mrs. Grady's Art Show

May 26 8th Grade Career Day

May 31 NJ ASK for Grades 4 and 8

June 2 Battle of the Civilizations-Grade 6 in the APR

JUNE 2- FIELD DAY for Grades K, 1, and 2   9:00am - 12:00noon

June 3 Brielle Rec. North vs. South Sports CHallenge

June 5 Grade 4 presents the Living Wax Museum in APR

June 8 NJ ASK Make Ups for Grades 4 & 8

June 5-9 PTO Book Fair

June 5-Possible Date for Field Day

June 14-20 are half-day dismissals - Please send in small snack and lunch.

June 19-Class Party

June 20-Last Day of School for children


Remember to read and practice your math facts  


Week of

****Week of May 22-26

spelling: my, try, sky, fly, by, dry, pie, cried, night, light, second, should

Words to know:  across, ball, cried, head, heard, large, second, should

Phonics Skills:  Vowel combinations: long i spelling patterns igh, y, ie; base words/inflections-ed, -ing, -er, -est, -es  PHONOGRAMS:  -ight, -y

Vocabulary Strategies:


Comprehension Skill: 

story structure- tell the setting, characters, and events in a story

Infer and Predict


Week of May 30-June 2

See above.  We will be reviewing last week's lesson.

No spelling this week.

 Scholastic Book Order

Recent Fun Happenings in Room 6

(Please check weekly updates)

    We will emphasize developing good social skills during our daily Morning Meeting. For the next few weeks, we will be identifying various feelings, how they are expressed, and what can be done to give us a "sweet day"! In explaining examples of strategies, through effective classroom discussion,  children can change moods and facilitate their ability to insure they gain the most from a productive, happy day! How we treat others is an important topic also. 


   There are a few things that may be important for you to know:

1. Playground: To play on it, the students must be wearing something other than "flip-flops".  (for safety reasons.) The shoes must have a strap in the back.

2. Any "temporary" changes in your child's plans for dismissal should be told to a secretary in the front office. The secretary will then call down to my room.  I don't always have the opportunity to check my messages until after dismissal, at the end of the day. A substitute teacher can't access my voice mail either. Please don't rely on my voice mail for anything urgent.

3. Regular dismissal will be from the All Purpose Room promptly at 3:05.