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Extra Credit Information


Students may write a summary (minimum of one page) on a historical event or person from the time period we are studying.  Information for this summary may come from a book or website (other than Wikipedia) and it must be referenced in the summary.  The reference must include title, author, date of publication and publishing company if referencing a book.  For websites, in lieu of a publishing company, a web address will suffice. *Must include 10 pieces of text evidence.

Poem, Rap, Role Play

Students may create poem or rap focusing on a person or event from our unit of study.  The poem or rap does not have to be performed in front of the class, though I do encourage a small presentation.  The purpose of a poem or rap is not solely to entertain peers; it must be focused on a topic and use evidence from class to make its point.  Any evidence used from outside sources must be referenced similarly to a summarization or free write. *Must include at least 10 pieces of text evidence.

Students may work individually or with a small group to create an original skit/role play to be presented before the class.  This skit must be focused on a particular theme (the tensions in America leading up to the Civil War; lifestyle and culture in one of the 13 Colonies, etc) and include dialogue that supports the theme.  Skits are to be at a minimum 5 minutes in length.  Appropriate dress and props are encouraged.